1 crypto and 2 NFTs that will explode soon

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1 crypto and 2 NFTs that will explode soon

This cryptocurrency and these 2 NFTs could explode in the coming weeks. By reading this article, you will discover these 3 nuggets that we have carefully unearthed for you. This nice gift is timely, because at Fructify, it’s Christmas before time.

The first series of Mickey Mouse’s NFT collection

These 3 nuggets will probably be quite explosive in the coming months. VEVE, it should be remembered, is a platform specializing in the purchase, sale and exchange of NFTs. This platform has successfully partnered with Disney. VEVE is preparing to launch today, December 22, 2021, the first collection of the very first Mickey. Needless to say, this collection will make a big splash. The first Mickey in history, to be drawn, is that of the STEAMBOT WILLIE episode. This is the very first Mickey on screen. VEVE has decided to launch a collection dedicated to the originals. This is the beginning of different series, but the first series to come out is Mickey’s.

The design and quality of these collectibles are fantastic. There are different versions. Version A Jaunty Jig will be worth $60 at launch. There will be a total of 18,928 pieces. When it comes to rarity, this build falls into the “Common” category. The second version called: A Happy whistle, will also be worth $60 at launch. However, there are only 13,928 coins. As for rarity, this build falls into the “Uncommon” category. The third version, called: All Together, Now! belongs to the Ultra Rare category. There are 6,928 pieces in total. It will also be worth $60 at launch. This is the first series in the Mickey Mouse NFT collection. The value of these NFTs is not to be demonstrated, since it is the first series of the first Mickey cartoon. So historically this is an excellent collector’s item. These objects will undoubtedly have a very important value in the future.

The first series of the BLADE RUNNER collection

The Wax platform, a competitor of VEVE, launches its first BLADE RUNNER collection. This is a legendary license, since this series has millions of fans around the world. The purchase process for these NFTs differs from that of the Mickey Mouse NFTs. You buy packs directly, and in each pack you have different types of possible rarities. Indeed, by buying the Packs, you do not know a priori, what you will receive. The packs consist of video clips, lasting a few seconds. You have a 45% chance of getting a Common NFT, 35% chance of getting a Rare NFT, 17.5% chance of getting an Epic NFT, and 2.5% chance of getting a Legendary NFT . The Wax platform will launch 150 packs per week. Each pack contains one NFT. It’s easy to make huge multiples on this type of collectible, because BLADE RUNNER is a world-famous and much-loved series. It is therefore likely to explode in 2022.

BitMEX launches BMEX in 2022

If there is a very interesting cryptocurrency to follow in 2022, it is the BitMEX crypto. Indeed, BitMEX plans to deploy its own token at the beginning of 2022. To do this, there will be a first Airdrop. You will therefore have the possibility of obtaining BMEX for free. The launch is scheduled for February 1, 2022. Every time such a platform launches its token, there is a great success. This token therefore has enormous potential. This is a total of 450 million tokens that will be developed over 5 years. This crypto could explode in 2022.

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