48 hours at the heart of the Metaverse Summit in Paris

The Metaverse Summit, co-organized by The Sandbox, ends after 48 hours with all the Web3 players coming together to create the metaverses of the future together. The weekend was intense in discussions on many aspects of the metaverse, NFT and the future of this sector in France, in Europe and in the world. Back to the highlights of the Metaverse Summit.

A hand stage captivating

It was enough to look at the agenda of the hand stage to understand that this event was going to be particularly interesting. Everything has been debated; discussions between experts on the definition(s) of the metaverse, which metaverse we want to build for a more decentralized future while respecting the regulations in terms of safety for young users, Metanomics, etc.

This summit highlighted all industries, so we could find artists, developers, bankers, regulators, politicians and visionaries.

With a co-organizer like The Sandbox, it was also normal to find many discussions around the future of the Play-to-EarnGameFi and relations between companies and creators of metaverses, during the excellent keynote ” Empowering brands and game publishers in the Metaverse “.

It was also during the last panel that we were able to give an overview of the situation in terms of regulation and compliance in France, with in particular the former deputy Pierre Person, the author of the latest report on the new era of cryptocurrencies. As well as the excellent Nouredine Azzouk-yagoubi, who works on concrete and direct solutions in order to provide regulations aimed at supporting and helping Web3 rather than restricting it.

Source: Metaverse Summit Twitter

A internship expert focused on concrete issues

It was also possible to attend many discussions and presentations on theinternship expert. We were able to note a particularly interesting accent on the work of architects, reconverted or native to the metaverse, in these new worlds which captivate and attract.

Special mention for the discussion ” Metaverse Cities, more than just Digital Twins where we were able to witness a real exchange between architects working on the future of digital worlds and how the demands of traditional clients are evolving on these subjects.

try to understand

But it’s during discussions with startups and during workshops that we really understand where the metaverse is going to take us.

Obviously, at the heart of these workshops, we could find the different stands of The Sandbox and partner companies, the opportunity to see how far we can push the performance of The Sandbox and the different concrete applications for users, companies , games and more.

In addition to these stands, we were impressed with the work of Learnoverse, which is trying to become the first metaverse open learning, with a reward system for students, content creators and by creating NFT certificates. Their project shows that it will soon be possible to relive the campus experience in a hyper-interactive and connected metaverse while learning skills that are useful for the world of tomorrow and for the new professions of Web3.

Another booth simply amazed us, Sensik is a company that develops a multisensory cabin connected to a virtual helmet. In addition to the cool and beautiful experiences you can try, the company actively works with hospitals, universities and healthcare systems to help fight addictions and trauma.

Indeed, with their technology, we can relive an experience and fight it safely, in order to support addiction problems over time and for a fraction of the price.

These companies show that the metaverse is indeed a complex, exciting and innovative universe, whether for the educational system or to help patients recover, the metaverse and the Web3 create unique solutions to problems that our current system does not have. failed to resolve.

Source: Metaverse Summit Twitter

A networking and an afterparty that puts Paris in the spotlight

But these events are also an opportunity for many Web3 players to meet in person, to discuss and share about the future of the metaverse.

For this, the Metaverse Summit had planned numerous networking options and even a masterful afterparty in the workshop of lights, creating a feeling of internal metaverse where the guests could travel in time and space while showing the beauties and the exploits of many French artists and scientists.

It is certain that this magnificent setting as well as the various moments of networking during the Metaverse Summit from 48 hours onwards have contributed to new meetings, partnerships, exchanges and more generally to advancing ever further towards the metaverse that we all wish for a Web3 plus just.

The Metaverse Summit, the first Web3 conference founded by a woman, was a real success on all counts; quality speakers present for useful discussions, constructive presentations and debates, innovative and exciting stands and an organization up to the challenge. We look forward to seeing these important and ever more immersive events evolve.

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