5 excellent reasons to be interested in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2022

Do you want to buy Bitcoin but still hesitate? Discover 5 good reasons to be interested in Bitcoin (BTC).

The new all-time highs of many digital currencies and the listing of the first Bitcoin futures ETF (exchange-traded fund) once again showed that the cryptocurrency industry is gradually conquering the financial world.

As a result, seasoned mainstream investors and even precious metals proponents are increasingly turning their attention to this burgeoning field. Naturally, the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which continues to maintain its leading market capitalization positions, does not stay away from its advanced changes.

Anyone who has heard of Bitcoin (BTC) is entitled to ask themselves this question: is it really worth investing in? In this article we invite you to examine 5 good reasons why it is still not too late to take an interest in the first cryptocurrency and dive into the world of digital assets.

Bitcoin is attracting interest from all over the planet. Photo: Adobe Stock

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1) Viability against inflation

Profitability is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about large investments. Over the past five years, Bitcoin’s all-time high has risen from 605 to around $69,000, representing nearly 7,500% growth. This dynamic attracts millions of investors, including large companies. For example, the American company MicroStrategy, whose software makes it possible to analyze vast amounts of data across the globe, continues to supplement its Bitcoin reserves. And its CEO, Michael Saylor proudly shares the news about the regular purchases of the first cryptocurrency on his Twitter account.

Certainly, nowadays when competition on the market and on the world political scene sometimes reaches critical points, Bitcoin can serve as an excellent hedge against inflation which increases at times of crisis. This is why last year, in particular, African investors began to discover crypto-assets.

2) Reliable and secure network

The fundamental goal of the mysterious Bitcoin creator who hid behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto was to make his network impeccably protected against hacks of all kinds. This genius programmer who wished to remain anonymous has been praised many times for creating not just technological innovation, but economic and social consensus that could guide generations to come.

Skeptics may dispute that even newer decentralized finance (DeFi) projects have suffered painfully from cyberattacks despite the security systems being consistently fine-tuned. However, it is not unknown that these are often hype projects, created to immediately profit. Be that as it may, the fact is that the Bitcoin network has never been hacked, thus corresponding to the expectations of its creator.

3) Huge potential to replace (fiduciary) money by mid-century

The technological world and all associated fields are in constant motion. Who knows how many grand discoveries we will see in our lifetime?

At the turn of the 21st century, bank cards began to displace paper currencies. In the same way, Bitcoin has great potential to replace cards, electronic payments, and even fiat money in general.

Cryptocurrency payments are often faster and more secure than those made through the traditional banking system and as our lives speed up, users around the world will one day recognize that using the first cryptocurrency is more profitable than never. For example, people in El Salvador, the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, have already experienced the benefits of BTC payments and calculations.

For such a financial revolution to happen on a global scale, it remains to make these payments more accessible to the masses as it is still not easy for an ordinary citizen to use them and to demonstrate the effective functionality continues from the network.

However, for the moment, it is up to you whether you want to bequeath funds to your children in reliable money of the future or in traditional fiat money.

4) Independence of the banking system

As you may know, currently Bitcoin and all other non-government cryptocurrencies are not dependent on political decisions and actions and are not controlled by state central banks, therefore your transactions cannot be tracked or frozen by bank decision. During political and economic conflicts, it is often ordinary people who particularly feel the effects of sanctions and restrictions. In this context, payments and transfers in first cryptocurrency are an indispensable option if you need to send money to your family who lives abroad.

Also, even though all international services remain on hand, one should not forget the exorbitant fees that are charged for cross-border transfers. This was one of the reasons El Salvador adopted Bitcoin and is why a small country in Tonga is also setting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency on track.

Growing demand in developing markets and interest from institutional investors

In recent times, cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin serves as the basis for developing economies. Its use is more essential than ever for the unbanked inhabitants of relatively poor countries while opening up access to features and possibilities that were once inaccessible, such as exchanges and trading. (Note that the trading is a risky business, and we recommend that you weigh the pros and cons before starting it.)

In addition, institutional investors are actively interested in Bitcoin, thus ensuring risk diversification, because it is advisable not to keep all eggs in one basket.

All of this says that even more mass adoption of Bitcoin is on the horizon and in this case the time has come to look at the first cryptocurrency more seriously in the near future. Remember the universal rule: the earlier you enter the innovative industry – the more chance you have of multiplying your returns from investments!

Bitcoin is nothing but a decentralized system that remains true to its principles. It is a fair and equitable system that always demonstrates its performance and effectiveness. The first cryptocurrency was declared dead several times as its price fell during the markets bearish, but each time she rebuilt her positions to reach new heights. For seasoned investors it is a great option to diversify their portfolios while for ordinary people it is an excellent example of a free and independent currency. The aforementioned points are part of the endless list of such benefits and arguments for investing in them. In short, are you still wondering if it is worth taking an interest in it in 2022?

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