Ace Eagle, STEPN (GMT) and Harmony (ONE): Things are moving a lot on the Metaverse side!

At the end of the first quarter of 2022, we grant ourselves the right to deliver to you the 3 most exciting projects of the metaverse. You are therefore invited to know what the Ace Eagle, STEPN and Protocol Harmony are all about to see clearly.


A good understanding of the metaverse will not be able to do without the appropriation of the games. The latter being considered as direct applications and are adorned with a status of great gateways to the virtual world.

We are aware that some metaverse concepts lack application scenarios and value. A major handicap which brings only limits in their concretizations in the real world.

There is also the fact that there are many people who question the illusory nature of NFTs. These deny or do not accept the success of the GameFi which, at present, is powered by the model Play-to-Earn.

DappRadar statistics announced in 2021 confirm this. They state that more than 544 GameFi applications have seen the light of day in just one year. Compared to data for the year 2020, these data reflect a very strong push in the sector.

Above, we talked about the existence of more than 500 projects that have been able to amaze the crypto community in the last year. For 2022, three high-potential projects caught our attention. To know :

1- Ace Eagle: for the emergence of a casino in the metaverse

Ace Eagle is a collection of 8,888 Eagle Pokers stored as ERC-721 on Ethereum (ETH). This is an exclusive collection that originated from 160 hand-drawn strokes.

The project in question is strongly supported by a team believing in the emergence of a first casino in the metaverse. This infrastructure is planned to be developed into a new gaming entertainment complex. After its launch, users will be entitled to all kinds of convenience. Among them we will cite access to offline and top-of-the-range casinos around the world.

In addition, the Ace Eagle Casino team plans to integrate blockchain real estate platforms like Sandbox (SAND). Thus, the same users will be able to fully enjoy virtual lands, alongside the infrastructure of Ace Eagle Casino & Web 2.0 Casino.

If the metaverse project seems interesting to you, do not miss the mint which is scheduled to take place this March.

Ace Eagle, when the metaverse comes from the GameFi + NFT combo

2- STEPN (GMT): one more step in the Move-to-Earn

So here is a Web 3.0 APP that combines decentralized finance (DeFi) and lifestyle. In case you haven’t heard of the Move-to-EarnTake a look there.

Indeed, STEPN highlights a world where holders of NFT sneakers can accumulate gains. Otherwise, we will simply say that users will be awarded GST game tokens and GMT governance tokens there just by running or jogging.

Principle of Move-to-Earn obliges, the tokens collected in STEPN are intended in particular for use in the game or for a possible collection.

It should also be noted that STEPN is a simple concept of access since it increases the playability of the game and encourages the use of tokens. Consequently, the risk of the token economy collapsing is reduced. In addition, a project integrated into daily physical activities will quickly have the approval of fans of the metaverse.

STEPN (GMT), the flagship token of the Green Metaverse

3- Harmony Protocol (ONE): focus on NFT passports cross chain

It was during the ETH Denver that the developers of the Harmony chain presented this project of cross-chain passports. On occasion, they also talked about the possibility of using the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) as an avatar in DeFi Kingdoms. Indeed, the latter presents itself as Harmony’s largest project, with more than 120,000 registered users in just one month.

Said passport will allow users to import proof of possession of NFTs, valid on other blockchains, on Harmony. So, if you have a BAYC, you can connect your MetaMask wallet to DeFi Kingdoms for verification and usage.

In short, Harmony’s NFT Passport will solve the problem of transferring NFT assets across multiple channels. And at the same time, it will allow the use of these assets on different channels and metaverses.

An NFT Passport for BAYCs in DeFi Kingdoms

To conclude, we are very close to the rapid development of the GameFi/Metaverse industry. Knowing that the Covid-19 epidemic has not affected the world of games too much, expect to see more and more innovations. From there will certainly come our appropriation of a new diverse and exciting world that is the Web3 Metaverse.

Source: Hackernoon

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