Bitcoin (BTC) or multichain maximalism?

Crypto assets have been taking a hit for months and meanwhile some people are still discussing the future of cryptocurrencies. But this time it’s not about the will survive or not survive. Indeed, it is rather the opposing opinions as to the future development of these assets. While some believe that bitcoin (BTC) maximalism is the solution of the future, others, on the contrary, believe that only multi-chain development can save cryptos and create a free Web3. So, who is right ?

What is bitcoin (BTC) maximalism?

The rise of cryptocurrencies is generating unparalleled interest. Even in times of crisis, the holders of the tokens remain convinced that these assets will recover in value. For some, there is no doubt that digital currency will soon take the upper hand over the traditional financial system. But when it comes to cryptos, some investors don’t necessarily agree. Some believe that bitcoin is the key to the crypto revolution, and others that all cryptocurrencies together will help lift crypto to the top.

For many bitcoin investors, he is the future of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the crypto universe begins and ends with bitcoin. This thought, while bizarre, is anything but illogical. Considering that BTC is driving the expansion of crypto assets, this statement makes sense. Not only does it have the largest market capitalization, but almost all emerging blockchain projects are modeled on that of the flagship crypto.

As in all families, the strongest and the greatest are the best able to lead. Bitcoin has both of these qualities, making it fundamental for the development of crypto assets. For bitcoin maximalists, bitcoin’s network and design is robust. Therefore, all other altcoins should necessarily become derivatives of BTC.

This statement may seem far-fetched, but when you see the determination of the sympathizers of this crypto, you quickly understand the seriousness of their words. If they believe that the first cryptocurrency can replace fiat currencies, then they are also convinced of the maximalism of this asset.

Bitcoin maximalism or multi-chain future?

Many people are convinced that bitcoin maximalism advocates the first crypto at all costs and neglects the others. Far from it ! Contrary to popular belief, maximalists do not believe that bitcoin is the only important project, No! They recognize that there are others, however, it remains the most important. Why ? Because BTC is the origin of the crypto revolution. In addition to that, it has many other advantages.

The first big advantage of bitcoin is that it is secure. Where many blockchains have been hacked, BTC holds its own and effectively resists intrusions. Hackers have repeatedly tried to find flaws in its code but so far it remains unbreakable. Moreover, it is completely decentralized, which makes it the future of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, bitcoin has no CEO however, it has thousands of nodes in every corner of the planet. Moreover, no body has yet managed to regulate it.

However, despite all the strengths of the crypto queen, maximalism is still a bad idea. Indeed, cryptocurrencies need diversification; because, this point of view supposes closing the eyes on defects which could have serious repercussions. For a flourishing future of cryptocurrencies as we imagine it, we would have to create a free Web3 that values ​​all blockchains. So the future is multi-channel and those who think it’s a waste of time are decidedly wrong.

Multi-chain future or bitcoin maximalism? It is a discussion that opposes two categories of people passionate about cryptos. While some believe that bitcoin is a whole that other blockchains should join, others believe on the contrary that the valuation of all the coins will allow a bright future for cryptocurrencies.

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