Bitcoin for your old age? He is accumulating BTC for early retirement

Get rich or DYOR trading! – Retirement at age 65 is one of the major debates in the French presidential election of 2022. It must be said that spending your life at work is not a dream for most French people. Finally, certainly for nobody in fact! There are many motivations for buying Bitcoin: hedging against inflation, financial independence or hope for a Lamborghini and la dolce vita in the sun. A blogger bought 500 euros of Bitcoin each month since 2017. His goal? Do not wait until you are old to be able to stop working in anticipation of retirement.

Retire earlier with DCA on Bitcoin

For Mr. ERB, a blogger and bitcoin enthusiast, retire early is an important goal. As a result, the blogger keeps a detailed account of his finances on his blog “Early Retirement by Bitcoin” where he talks about his retirement plan.

He declared himself to be “first interested in Bitcoin in the summer of 2017” when a colleague briefly mentioned decentralized peer-to-peer currency. However, he wasn’t sure of himself at the time. As he points out, “The price was around 2,000 euros at the time, and I thought it was too late to invest. »

ERB had, however, heard a Bitcoin podcast where Trace Mayer predicted that Bitcoin would hit $1 million. So he started anyway!

“That’s when I realized that I wasn’t late, but rather early. I saw Bitcoin as a great possibility to reach early retirement and bought my first coins in October 2017.”

Mr. ERB, passionate Bitcoin blogger

Bitcoin price (green) vs euro retirement savings (orange) vs amount of cash invested so far (dotted line) Source: Early Retirement by Bitcoin

Mr. ERB has developed a retirement plan with Bitcoin. Indeed, he has set himself a target retirement goal of 1,000,000 euros by contributing 500 euros per month, every month. Its first purchase dates back to 2017. Five years later, “the success was obviously tremendous”.

“I don’t think I could have achieved similar returns with any other strategy. Not to mention that the Bitcoin strategy is extremely simple and does not require active investment management. You buy and you hold, then you keep buying more. »

Mr. ERB, passionate Bitcoin blogger

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Advice from Mr. ERB

During its journey as an investor, ERB has learned valuable lessons. The values ​​induced by Bitcoin have also open your eyes to certain things. His “Early Retirement by Bitcoin” blog details how his current ROI is over 450%.

“My view of the world before Bitcoin was quite narrow. Life was like school, work, retirement, death. Today, I think a little differently. The ultimate goal [maintenant] could best be described as entrepreneurship and self-sovereignty. »

Mr. ERB, passionate Bitcoin blogger

Bitcoin and crypto-currencies could replace fiat (euros, dollars, etc.) to anticipate retirement!

ERB has shared some helpful tips for those new to buying Bitcoin and DCA.

  1. “Keep earning fiat, keep buying bitcoin. » And don’t try to get rich quick because “you won’t make it”.
  2. “Give yourself five years” to really know bitcoin. Really take the time to learn in depth. Listen to the right podcasts, read the right books, and you’ll find out for yourself if “it was a good idea to invest in bitcoin”.
  3. “Resist the urge to give everyone around you orange pills”, especially at the beginning of the Bitcoin learning curve. The blogger admitted that he may have caused some ” damage “ to certain relationships due to his excessive exuberance early in his Bitcoin education.
  4. Finally, HODL! When Bitcoin price fell in March 2020 to $3,600 Mr. ERB “felt really bad”. The blogger explained that looking back, “it was the best time to buy”.

Mr. ERB is fast approaching the quarter million mark. As her blog suggests, “Cut costs, rack up sats”. With the current politics, where rich énarques would like to squeeze us like lemons until we have no more juice, Mr. ERB’s DCA strategy could prove to be an effective solution. Don’t see it in no way an investment advice, it’s just telling the story of a person who made that choice. Besides, the US recently warned against cryptocurrencies in pension plans.

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