Explosion of 78% by the end of June 2022

The free fall in crypto prices seems to have stabilized now. All cryptos are on the rise, but ether (ETH) once again stands out from its peers. By the end of June 2022, the crypto community estimates that its price will increase by almost 78%. No more no less. So, between optimistic but realistic forecasts and real reasons for the success of ether (ETH), we give you the keys to fully understand what is happening, and above all, to continue to follow the course of the ether (ETH) with ease.

  • An optimistic month of June for the price of ether
  • Fusion Ethereum 2.0, the reason for such enthusiasm?
  • What forecasts for 2040?

An optimistic month of June for the price of ETH

The numbers agree throughout the crypto community; a 78% increase in the price of ether by the end of June 2022. After a delicate period for all crypto investors, this news should delight more than one. The price of ETH is supposed to reach $3,140 at the end of June. With a current price of $1,758 following the DeFi numbers, the increase would be nicely close to 78.59%, or $1,382 markup.

It is interesting to note that the degree of precision of this estimate is high, around 65%. Going even further, some financial analysts think it plausible that Ether will reach the $6,500 threshold by the end of the year. By browsing the internet, it can be complex to differentiate the true from the false concerning these forecasts. As to whether ether will ever have a chance to reach 6-figure value, those are sweet distant hopes. For now, most analysts are instead looking at its 2022 and 2030 estimate. still have many good surprises to reveal.

Fusion Ethereum 2.0, the reason for such enthusiasm?

The Merge, or Ethereum 2.0; one of the most anticipated events of the year in the crypto sphere, and that is understandable. At the end of June, an Ethereum merger will take place, adopting the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, the latter works according to what is called proof of work. Energy-intensive mining hardware is therefore necessary, just like for bitcoin (BTC). With such a merger, the main advantage is that mining will require 99% less energy when switching to proof-of-stake. Considerable savings.

Traditional computers calculating and validating blocks will soon be replaced by smart contracts. Thanks to this, each ether holder will have the possibility of directly validating new blocks. In addition to the significant energy savings that this represents for the operation of the blockchain, the network itself will be modified. Indeed, following the merger, the main Ethereum chain will become linked to its flagship chain. Thereby, staker ethers will be an essential step to activate a validation. Then, with validator status, users will be able to both process any desired transaction and create new blocks as they wish.

The popularity of Ethereum is thus at its height. The recent positioning of the Apecoin community on ETH only reinforces this status.

What forecasts for 2040?

It is common knowledge that cryptoassets have a double challenge: that of being regularly traded in the short term, but also that of being kept in the long term in the hope of an explosion in value. Ethereum seems to correspond perfectly to this second scenario. More and more investors are no longer content to observe the forecasts of the price of ether over the coming year, or the immediate years after. The 2040 horizon attracts the curiosity of many experts, with a particularly positive feeling regarding the evolution of the price of ETH.

According to Martin Froehler, CEO of Morpher: “The shift to proof-of-stake, DeFi, NFTs, and Ethereum’s low inflation rate, combined with huge network growth rates, will drive higher demand, and therefore higher prices for Ether. “.

In this logic, the more the Ethereum blockchain evolves and expands, the more companies and even official links in the international financial system turn to it, and therefore the more its price has the potential to soar. For the 2040 horizon, which is not so far away, all fantasies are out. Some even dare to bet that ether could experience a boom worthy of the beginnings of bitcoin. Realism or pure fantasy? Only time will tell.

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