FACT OF THE EVENING Kev Adams in Bagnols / Cèze: “If I live this, many other people must live it too”

Kev Adams, when he came to Nîmes in January 2022, to talk about the film “Retirement home”. (Photo Yannick Pons / Lens Gard)

Kev Adams, the one you knew when he was 18, drops teenage problems and turns to another theme: his own image. Before leaving on the Zénith tour, he played his new “Loading” show in preview at the Mont-Cotton open-air theater this Saturday, July 23, at 9:15 p.m., as part of the Cèz’tivales. He recounted his journey to Gard objectivealways with a touch of humor.

Objectif Gard: Can you tell us a bit about your background, who you are and what you do?

Kev Adams : So I do comedy in all its forms. We will say that my passion in life is to tell stories. It can be stories on stage, in shows where I try to make people experience emotions like laughter. But it can also be behind a television or cinema screen where I tell stories through different roles. Let’s say that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for a little over 10 years and that’s what I like. And I find it really cool to live off something that I like!

Have you always wanted to perform or are you predestined for another career?

No, before I wanted to be a baker and plumber. In fact, it’s a mix of two very manual professions that I really like… No, it’s totally wrong, I’ve always dreamed of doing this (laughs) !

We started noticing you in 2009, at not even 18 years old. Through what opportunities?

It’s by dint of traveling around France, of doing Comedy clubs, by dint of showing myself from right to left and trying to make room for myself as much as possible… In fact, at the time, I was the only one to propose what I proposed, that is to say someone who told the life of teenagers while being a teenager and who had something very particular. I don’t know what the real trigger was, but maybe there was that need at that time and so it probably started for that reason.

Can you tell an anecdote, a significant moment that made you evolve?

As a comedian, I had the chance to see my show on TF1 live three years ago, it was in 2019. It was a real turning point, I found that people had been very touched by my show. And then the duet with Gad Elmaleh, it’s true that it was something quite new. I am aware of it because all these things, people often talk to me about them.

What has changed between your shows ten years ago and those of today? What topics do you cover now and which do you no longer cover?

As I started very young, there are themes that I would perhaps approach less today. Schooling, adolescent problems, these are things that I no longer talk about at all because it no longer suits me. What I mean is that I just turned 31, I’m in a delirium where I want to talk like someone my age. I talk to people in a very direct way. In my shows, I speak as I would speak to my friends or my family.

And precisely, tell us about your new show “Loading” that you are going to play in Bagnols-sur-Cèze this Saturday. Why this name? What is it about ?

“Loading” really means waiting, it’s a way of saying that the show is under construction. These are the beginnings of my new show “Mirror” which I will be playing all over France next year. And it deals precisely with the theme of the mirror with all that that entails. That is to say the image that one can have of oneself, of others. The image of our time, of our society… Then at the same time the mirror, there are a lot of myths around. It’s an object that has always intrigued humans, so I think there’s something very interesting to dig into there.

And you, what image do you have of yourself?

Ah, bah! It’s a whole sketch that I invent in the show precisely so it’s funny. A difficult image that comes from the fact that it took me a long time to accept myself physically. As we live in an era where everything is based on the physical, it’s not easy… All this sometimes prevents me from experiencing certain things fully. That’s also why I wanted to deal with this subject in a show because I tell myself if I’m going through this, there are plenty of other people who have to go through it too.

This show is aimed at what audience then?

You really have to be over 70. If you are not over 70 you cannot pass the entrance. I’m sorry, but that’s how it is (laughs)… No, of course not, it’s accessible to everyone! It was thought out for everyone else.

You will therefore be in Bagnols-sur-Cèze this Saturday. Do you know a little about the Gard and the region?

Yes and I really like this region. For once, I’m quite a fan, I really like the people, the environment. Then this sun, it’s really very pleasant. Afterwards I never came to Bagnols-sur-Cèze, but I like the area, that’s for sure.

Finally, what are your next projects on stage and in the cinema?

So there’s a new show coming to Netflix exclusively in November. It’s a different show from the one I’m writing that I’ll be playing on tour in 2023. At the same time, I’m shooting a series on TF1 called “Avenir”. It tells the story of someone who speaks with himself but smaller and in another era and who will play, in a way, with his destiny. In addition to all that, I have many other things in preparation…

Interview by Laure Leflamand

“Loading” by Kev Adams, Saturday July 23, at 9:15 p.m., at the Mont Cotton green theater in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Price under 12: €12.99, full price: €20.99. To reserve your place, click here.

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