Feel Mining Business: a crypto offer tailored for the company

Feel mining is one of the leading companies in the French crypto ecosystem. First a pioneer in the hardware and mining sector, it has been able to quickly evolve internationally, and offer its customers many services stamped DeFi. We had hardly mentioned in our pages the very recent Wigl crypto debit card, as the company reveals a new service. Close-up on an initiative for professionals who would like to diversify their cash flow through cryptocurrencies.

The local newspaper offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Feel Mining. As a welcome bonus, the Journal du Coin gives you 10 euros free on any order of 100 euros or more (affiliate link, see conditions on the site).

It’s rare enough to be underlined: Feel Mining is officially registered as Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN) with the AMF. Since the end of 2021, they have also had a mandate as a PSP Agent (Payment Services Provider), with their partner Treezor. A quality allowing them to issue French IBANs for their private and professional customers as well as payment cards under Mastercard license. A rigorous legal environment that authorizes them to offer a cash diversification service for companies today. The opportunity is finally given to professionals to secure all or part of their strategic capital thanks to cryptos.

“This offer is intended to be scalable and we will continue to innovate to best meet the needs of our customers. With always this double objective of giving them access to the best opportunities that this sector offers and to make them progress in the understanding of the technology and the ecosystem »

Nicolas Marchesse, co-founder of Feel Mining

Expert in the custody of digital assets on behalf of third parties, the platform therefore offers you a complete range of investment products centered on the opportunities of the blockchain ecosystem in general, and decentralized finance in particular. In short, you can build a real global crypto strategy. An expert and dedicated team supports you in this process.

A Feel Mining team dedicated to professional clients

Noting growing business appetite for its products, the reaction of the team was not long in coming. Indeed, the enthusiasm experienced, for example, by DeFi staking launched at the end of last year could not be trivial. That was all it took to germinate the idea of ​​a service dedicated to professional customers. A unique, flexible and lucrative B2B tool since it generates passive income by taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.

“Today there are almost as many crypto investment strategies as there are investor profiles, and this is just the beginning. In an environment that is complex to understand and constantly changing, some companies prefer to turn to professionals. »

Chloé Desenfans, CEO of Feel Mining

This is how today, Feel Mining offers a full range of “crypto” investment products and supports its “corporate” customers in their necessary diversification strategies. Thanks to the extent of the company’s area of ​​expertise, there really are no limits in the options offered. Mining, staking, yield farming, you are spoiled for choice. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

A team of experts guiding you through the crypto jungle

For the neophyte, DeFi is still a complex field. Ensuring the monitoring and security of your investments is not easy, and the error can be fatal. This is why Feel Mining implements its experience in order to allow its customers to have access to the power of decentralized finance without having to bear the constraints or the risks. Thus, an advisor accompanies you and guides you throughout your journey. Knowing your expectations, he will be able to propose investment strategies adapted to your profile.

“Since the start, Feel mining has forged its group identity around strong values of accompaniment and transparency with the objective of popularizing and opening the doors of this universe to all. »

Nicolas Marchesse, co-founder of Feel Mining

To achieve this, our digital asset management specialists have set up an analysis grid. It makes it possible to define risk levels both for the assets placed and the protocols used. DeFi protocols the most profitable and reliable are thus selected in real time. It is through these juicy passive returns that Feel Mining ensures an effective and secure diversification of your capital by never placing more than 10% of your funds on the same platform.

Feel Mining intends to use DeFi to allow companies to diversify and secure all or part of their crypto cash
Feel Mining opens the doors of DeFi to companies

With Feel Mining Business, you also benefit from access to specific newsletters. Technical analyzes and webinars that allow you to make your mark in this ecosystem complex and exciting. There is no entry fee to take advantage of this offer. In addition, you retain the right to withdraw your assets or convert them into euros at any time and very simply. Thus, from the 50,000 euros of global investment necessary to join the service, you benefit from the advantages of the Platinum status reserved for VIP customers. For example, you can withdraw up to the equivalent of 10 BTC every day without any withdrawal fees. And this, for each cryptocurrency present in your portfolio.

To secure all the procedures, Feel Mining has opted for a multi-signature identification process. An approach developed and implemented by the most efficient wallets on the market. As its name suggests, several signatures (at least two, up to several distinct private keys) are necessary to make the slightest transfer of funds. A measure that all the major players in the sector have in place to ensure that movements are carried out in a concerted manner, thus avoiding potential piracy or the risk of a single point of failure (SPOF).

More and more companies are taking an interest in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. From a technological point of view, it is undeniable that many industrial sectors have much to gain from the secure and decentralized environment offered by these new networks. It is therefore natural that they also turn to the other side of the coin represented by the opportunities of decentralized finance. Feel Mining has understood this well and now intends to establish itself as a major player in crypto-strategy dedicated to businesses.

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