Flop 10 crypto – Which cryptocurrencies are most resistant to the crisis?

The cryptocurrency market remains in uncertainty in the face of the discovery of a bottom which could decide to dig even deeper. And a Bitcoin visibly unable to deliver a real sign of a trend reversal that everyone is still waiting for. A context that sees the appearance of negative returns in dizzying amounts, from the ATHs of certain cryptocurrencies. Because at the present time, 3/4 of the projects in the top 100 are posting losses of more than -85% since these historic peaks that are decidedly far away. But some are still doing much better than the others…

The decline recorded by the cryptocurrency market is undoubtedly widespread. But it does not have quite the same impact depending on the projects concerned. With maximalists who take the opportunity to assert that 1 BTC = 1 BTC and suddenly nothing can shake it. But in fact, negative returns with consequences that currently vary between disastrous and catastrophic. And a BTC that isn’t necessarily among the top performers, even though it still sits well in the top 10.

Because the conclusion is difficult, with 3/4 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies leading losses greater than -85% from their respective ATHs. And in this list some evidences, but other more surprising projects. This even if most of the time it is those who hold the most important marketcap who are doing relatively better than the others. The opportunity to take a brief overview of the current state of the cryptocurrency market, using the Coingolive site.

Cryptocurrencies – The Top 10 Least Worst

But before starting this painful exercise, some clarifications must be made. Like the fact that stablecoins and other versions of “wrapped” tokens have been excluded from this inventory. Even if some of these stable cryptocurrencies do not fail to show surprising returns, sometimes around -60%. This is to achieve a more relevant ranking focused on projects with legitimate volatility. And in this case, it is the top 10 least catastrophic cryptocurrencies that particularly interests us. That is to say those who have managed the feat of collapsing “only” by -73% at most.

And in this list, the project that suffered the least from the general decline in the market is the FLEX Coin (FLEX) with its -37% approximately. The latter presented as “the fuel that powers the CoinFLEX ecosystem” and the management of the stablecoin flexUSD. Next comes the LEO Token, native to the Bitfinex platform, with -38.2%. The latter being the only two cryptocurrencies not to cross the -50% mark. Because then things get complicated for the last 3 projects of the top 5, which are respectively the XCN of the Web3 Chain project (-52.3%), the Tenset project (10SET) and its -60.6% and the native KCS cryptocurrency of the KuCoin platform (-60.7%).

Bitcoin – In 8th position with -69.3%

Then comes the second part of this ranking. The one where Bitcoin is in 8th place, with losses estimated at -69.3% since its last ATH. Spoiler Alert, Ethereum (ETH) does not appear in this top 10, as its -77.5% relegates it to 14th place. And just before Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency BNB (6th), ex-Binance Coin which recently became the official and exclusive fuel of the BNB Chain. But also the GateChain (GT) project with a negative return of -68.7% which allows it to obtain 7th place.

Finally, following Bitcoin comes the FTT cryptocurrency native to the centralized FTX platform. One of the undisputed successes of this sector over the past year, currently looking for projects in which to invest its billions of dollars. And finally the Tron project (TRX), whose value of the DeFi network has increased very significantly since the launch of its USDD algorithmic stablecoin. And a surprise, given the resistance that this allows to display for this maligned ecosystem of the cryptocurrency sector. Without giving it a value other than this 9th place in this ranking. DYOR!

Flop 100 crypto – The important underdogs

Once this top 10 is set, some projects are definitely among the major absentees from such a ranking. With in the first place the main layers 1 such as Polkadot (DOT) and its -86.8%, or the AVAX cryptocurrency of the Avalanche blockchain (-88.7%). And finally Solana (SOL) who is between the two, with -87.8%. Positions that layer 2 Polygon and its MATIC cryptocurrency have nothing to envy (-86.4%). Nor even the EGLD of the Elrond project which digs even deeper, just under -90%.


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But also other very popular offers recently such as the APE cryptocurrency in connection with the emblematic collection of NFTs Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The latter at the head of a fall of -86.5%. Which is still much better than the same Shiba Inu (SHIB) token and its -90.5%. Or the painful fall of the CAKE of the decentralized platform PancakeSwap, currently in 80th place in this ranking with a negative return of -93.3%.

Of course, this ranking is a simple inventory, and has nothing to do with financial investment advice. Because even in times of “sales” it remains essential to find out for yourself (DYOR) before investing.

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