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At the moment, I am more and more interested in NFT’s (the famous Non-Fungible Tokens). I am also subscribed to some small artists on the platform OpenSea to follow their work, but I never took the leap to buy one. However, I was interested in how we can upload them to offer them to potential buyers (and become very rich).

I will therefore explain to you through this article how to create and sell NFTs on a marketplace like OpenSeathe supermarket NFT’s the most known.

First, let’s go over the basics, what is a NFT ?

What is an NFT?

A NFT is a unique virtual token based (ERC-1155) on a technology that you may already know if you follow our news: the blockchain. It is a ledger shared between multiple computers grouped together on the planet, constantly updated, and used for recording transactions between sellers/buyers, tracking crypto-currencies and/or assets, and strengthening the trust.

the NFTbased on the Blockchain Ethereum is unique, even if it is a work that has been sold several times (it is possible to sell a work several times but the token remains unique), as if you were selling your painting on the street (here the token) and you have duplicated this painting on 2 different canvases, so that makes 2 NFT’s.

A NFT is therefore based in the Blockchain Ethereum and can be traceable, so we can see its origin and history, even the owners (the person or persons who own the work sold).

To learn more, I invite you to read the presentation of NFTs, a blog article published recently.

Presentation of the most famous NFTs

There are some small programs on the Internet capable of generating artistic works in image or video. Take the example of CryptoPunks (a work available on OpenSea), these pixelated images of little characters who never look alike.

This method is called generative art but we will not dwell on this method which requires a lot of investment in terms of time (for those who will understand: upload + electronic signature).

These mini characters were generated by a program using several sprites (this designates a 2D image that can be moved independently of the background), we can find different hairstyles, different mouths, different fashion accessories, and once generated, it gives a CryptoPunk (name given by the organization that generated them).

These characters are sold as a single image on the Marketplace (or marketplace) OpenSeain a collection called CryptoPunks. You can buy these unique images from a few hundred dollars, but sometimes sales can go up to several tens of thousands of dollars. Incredible for images that are sometimes no larger than 256 pixels (16 pixels long by 16 pixels high), yes the pixel is expensive!

How to create an NFT?

How to create and sell NFTs on OpenSea?

The first thing you need to do is generate one or more artistic works, whether in image or video form (3D files are also accepted on OpenSea). Any generated media can become a salable work in the form of NFT (a screenshot of a Tweet, or an image of a small 3D character, let your imagination run wild).

For my part, I used animations of skins Minecraft famous Youtubers (and even those of the creators of Minecraft) which turns on themselves. I generated a little more than ten of them, and I called this collection: Minecraft Skinator.

Before you start, you have to find the right idea for a work to put online. Be creative, use your graphic design skills, your programming skills, or your singing skills!

Once the application (Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, or other) installed on your smartphone, you will have to create a Wallet in which your crypto-currencies will be found if you earn some during your sales of NFTor if you transfer some to this same wallet.

Then create an account on OpenSea. In my case, I used the Wallet (electronic wallet) of Coinbase installed as an extension on my browser Google Chrome and on my smartphone. You can also use the extension MetaMask (which does essentially the same thing). The extension installed on your browser acts as a gateway between the site OpenSea and your smartphone, this is useful for electronically signing the media you are going to upload.

Now link your account OpenSea with your newly created wallet and login to OpenSea to start creating/uploading NFT’s. It is advisable to modify your profile by adding an avatar, a pseudonym, and your social networks.

Once connected to OpenSeayou can create a NFTto do this, click Create at the top of the page, upload your media (image, video, audio, or other), then give your creation a name. In case of creation of multiple works, you just have to put the number of the work (for example: Spritz #1, then increment the number).

You can also give additional information about the work, you can for example give it a description, give it a URL (corresponding to the site which explains more precisely the work), give it properties (see below what the properties are), or hide access to the media in case of sensitive content (adults, dangerous, etc.). You will be asked to choose a collection (think about creating it upstream) to list your creations.

It is possible to generate several NFT from a single medium (this is the Supply field on the creation page), this is useful when you want to sell multiple copies of your work.

How to create and sell NFTs on OpenSea?

Properties are key-value pairs, i.e. you can set the image background color key and its value to green (Background = Green), or set the character’s hair to white (Hair = White). Add properties to your NFT allows it to be better referenced, in fact, the search engine will know what to find on the image if you define it as precisely as possible, and this also makes it possible to better identify the media, so ask yourself the question of what differentiates your medium from another.

Once you have defined a name, a URL, a description, and you have defined properties (optional on the way), you must choose the blockchain (Ethereum or Polygon) in which your NFT.

Blockchain Ethereum

The Blockchain Ethereum is very well known, fast, but paying, you will therefore have to have a few hundred euros in Ethereum on your wallet to sign your NFT, this can be expensive in the long run. This is why I advise you to use the Polygon Blockchain.

Polygon Blockchain

The Polygon Blockchainunlike that of theEthereumis “gas-free”, i.e. the gas costs are free and you don’t have to advance anything to deposit your NFT. However, a percentage of 2.5% will be taken from the transaction (following a sale).

How to create and sell NFTs on OpenSea?

Now back to creating our NFT. Click on Create at the bottom of the page, to create your NFT. A new page will open and you can share the NFT to your friends, community, other artists. Close the pop-up and contemplate your creation! Let’s take into account that at the moment your NFT is not for sale but just visible on the OpenSea Marketplace.

We will now see how to sell your newly created NFT.

How to sell an NFT?

The stage of imagining a work and its creation is now complete, if you want to win Ethereums with your work, you just have to put it up for sale. To do this, it’s very simple, you’re going to need your smartphone.

At the top of your artwork page, there are two buttons, click Sell (to sell). This will open a new page that will allow you to set the price regarding the sale of your NFT. Enter the amount of the sale, do not be too greedy (even if it goes like hot cakes). For example, you can use the price of 0.05 ETH, that’s about 235 euros (according to the current market price). But you can lower or raise, as you wish.

If you have opted for the creation of your NFT on the Polygon Blockchain, be aware that you will not have access to the auction system. You cannot sell your NFT only at a price fixed in advance. You can set the time your NFT appears in the list (6 months, 1 week, 3 days, or a single day).

To complete the sale of your NFTjust click the button Complete listing. A pop-up will open and you must click on Sign. Your portfolio MetaMask Where Coinbase Wallet will automatically open on your browser and/or smartphone, and you will need to electronically sign your deposit.

How to create and sell NFTs on OpenSea?

Well done, your NFT is for sale on OpenSea. You are now ready to get rich (see very rich). Be creative, don’t copy, and feel free to promote your collections by commenting on this article.

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