Kryll Marketplace V2: Robot crypto traders attack the bear market

In the small world of French crypto, Kryll is a pioneer. Indeed, since its launch in 2018, this project is one of the very few to continue to deliver its vision without the vagaries of the markets affecting it. A tool for creating automated strategies, it allows novices and professionals alike to create trading bots. Indeed, no programming skills are required. Robot traders for personal use or to share with the community through a marketplace. And precisely, after several months of effort, the team of presents us today the V2 revisited from top to bottom. Let’s discover together all the news.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Kryll.

The Kryll V2 marketplace, simpler, clearer, more complete

V2 Kryll Marketplace Introduces New Crypto Search Options

If V1 of the marketplace was one of the reasons for the dazzling success of the project, the V2 promises to amaze more than one. Many elements appear. Others are optimized in a completely reworked interface:

1. The search bar:

You will now be able to find your happiness according to several criteria: name of the strategy, the token sought, the creator of the strategy, the list is long. An option that allows you to go deeper into the details without reviewing the entire catalog.

2. Top pairs:

In order to quickly narrow the field of your searches, you just have to click directly on the most used pair tokens. So, whatever crypto you want to trade, you can choose to only display on the Kryll Marketplace V2 than the base pair you are interested in. The list now consists of BTC, ETH, USDT and KRL.

3. Filters

5 filtering options appear. They make it possible to push the personalization of searches to the maximum. An innovation that allows you to meet your expectations and sort through more than 200 strategies that are currently available for rental on the marketplace:

  • Profitability: this option allows you to filter the strategies according to their past profits, from low to moderate to high.
  • Trade frequency: this filter makes it possible to classify the strategies according to the frequency with which they will place orders on the market. The fastest ones can reach tens of trades per minute, the slowest do nothing for weeks. Philosophies which each have their advantages and disadvantages, and which correspond to very different user profiles.
  • The “risk” option » : This is a filter that analyzes the risks that each strategy may have taken in the past. It takes into account the initial capital losses generated throughout his career as the possible lack of securing profits over time.
  • Data available: You can rank strategies based on their historical data. An important option that allows you to have perspective on the real effectiveness of a strategy by displaying only in your list the strategies that have been running for more than 3 or 6 months. If, on the contrary, you are looking for novelty, you can display only recent strategies.
  • Available strategies: You can choose to display only Live (in use by the community), Open Source (whose code is available, whether used or not) or both.

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4. Results

The strategies displayed here correspond to the specifics of the filters selected previously.

Kryll’s crypto trading bots featured in-depth

Thanks to its V2 marketplace, Kryll presents its strategies in a comprehensive way and also summarizes the performance history in crypto, bitcoin or ethereum trading.
A richer presentation interface for Kryll robot traders

Once you have unearthed the rare pearl, you will be able to dive into the statistics and the results thanks to a large number of indicators.

5. General information

This is the DNA of your strategy. Its name, its profitability, a small general description, its exposure to risk as well as its history. In addition you will find the pairs on which the strategy is executed, the costs it generates, and the user satisfaction rate.

6. Indicators

In this part, you will find the expected average gain percentage per day, per month or per year. A real quick projection of the results you can expect, based on its past results. The “show more” section provides other important information. For example the month which was the most profitable, or the worst, the maximum loss recorded, as well as the average gain per trade.

Crypto packs appear on the Kryll marketplace

Thanks to the packs, you will be able to invest thematically and accumulate several cryptos corresponding to one of the flagship sectors of blockchain, gaming, DeFi, exchanges
Packs allow you to combine strategies

The great novelty of this news Marketplace V2 Kryll are the Crypto Packs. It is the grouping of various strategies within an array of predefined theme packs. DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Gaming, etc… there is something for everyone. Thus, a single pack allows you to allocate your capital to the different strategies available in the pack. For example, the “Metaverse” pack will allocate your budget as follows: 25% ENJ, 25% AXS, 25% SAND, 25% MANA. As expected, he will buy in DCA with a periodicity of 4 weeks, for 1 year. Other packs will appear soon.

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7. Information

The launch window will give you access to a set of basic information: the name of the pack, profitability, risk exposure…

8. Composition

Here you will find all the tokens on which the pack will be positioned, followed by a short explanatory description of the objectives and operation.

9. Parameters

This is where you prepare the launch of your pack: choice of exchange, starting portfolio, as well as the amount of KRL you wish to allocate to the strategies. Necessary information because the platform’s native token is the fuel for all transactions initiated by the strategies. It is also used to reward strategy editors, and its role will continue to evolve within the project.

This Marketplace V2 also offers a major step forward in the implementation. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to install the strategies to launch them. The new interface allows you to directly access the configuration and launch them with one click. A considerable saving of time and energy.

A contest with €16,000 in KRL to celebrate the event

From Monday June 20, 2022 until Wednesday July 20, 2022, the Kryll team has decided to reward you for coming to discover all these new features. Thus, a richly endowed contest game is launched. On this occasion more than 16000€ in KRL will be distributed, and all platform fees will be reduced by -50% over this period.

The rules :

  • Launch at least one live trading strategy since the Marketplace V2 (between June 20 and July 20, it can be any strategy, on any pair with any amount). The more strategies you launch, the more chances you have of winning KRL.
  • The strategy(ies) must work in livetrading for at least 7 consecutive days.
  • Regarding the promotion period -50% it’s all automatic during 1 monthso you don’t have to do anything to benefit from it!

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The winnings:

  • In all, 35,000 KRL will be shared between all participants in the competition in proportion to the strategies launched. Clearly, the more strategies you launch in livetrading, the more KRL you will recover.
  • On Wednesday July 27, we will announce the list of winners on our social networks and by personalized email.

To date, the Kryll platform has passed the milestone of 100,000 registered users and continues to grow. A large community that has automated some of the best crypto auto trading strategies. Solidly established on the largest exchanges on the market (Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase, FTX, etc.), Kryll’s trading bots are used, tested, and the results reported and commented on by the community.

V2 of the marketplace is only a taste of the innovations that await us. Indeed, during a recent AMA, the Kryll team announced that further improvements were in development. A new engine should see the light of day this year, and the smartphone application will acquire trading automation and management. And since happiness never comes alone, new users who register on Kryll receive an airdrop of $7 in KRL via the platform. A contest, an airdrop, so many good reasons to test this brand new marketplace.

You will have understood it, to not miss anything of the cryptocurrency revolution and to benefit from a 50% bonus on your first month of use, try your luck in the big Kryll contest with €16,000 in KRL tokens by registering on the platform!

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