Luxury: The Exclusible platform sells for $2.4M of NFT in 48 hours

It didn’t take long before the luxury industry took an interest in unique and collectible NFTs, and their natural extension, metaverses. Exclusive is a Franco-Portuguese start-up that intends to take advantage of this enthusiasm. Thus placing itself at the crossroads of digital paths, it intends to bring luxury into crypto, and vice versa. It offers a place of sale dedicated to virtual luxury products, to take care of your digital image in parallel worlds.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Exclusible.

The sales of certain virtual land generate colossal auctions which leave no one unmoved. True virgin lands to conquer, digital worlds are on the rise. New markets that the biggest companies invest with frenzy. Moreover, the big names in fashion and design are as always on the front line.

Jewelry is a luxury sector particularly interested in the potential of NFTs. Exclusible is therefore the preferred platform

The compatibility seems total, colossal potential. Exclusible presents itself as the door that connects the real world and virtual worlds. A gateway that will allow the biggest brands to offer exclusive digital content to deploy and use in augmented realities. NFTs signed by the most recognized designers that will allow their happy owners to extend their exceptional lifestyle without limits.

Exclusible, a high-end platform for exceptional NFTs

It wouldn’t occur to the Gucci family to offer their latest collection for sale on Ebay. This is why Exclusible is positioned as the privileged portal for the most prestigious brands that wish to flood these new fields of expression with their excellence. In a resolutely elitist approachthe platform has been able to make itself credible and essential for the biggest players in the luxury sector.

The world of luxury wants to take its share of parallel digital universes.  Exclusive will allow them to offer exclusive NFTs to wear and use in metaverses
Luxury brands are always on the lookout for the latest trends. In fact, NFTs and metaverses represent new opportunities

Testifies to this the recent fundraising which saw the company raise more than $2.2 million from well-known financial funds (Tioga Capital, White Star Capital, and Indico Capital Partners), but also from business angels such as António Félix da Costa and Mitch Evans. First noticed steps which consequently allowed the young platform to take off to offer its first opportunities in the form of a collection of original NFTs : the “Alpha” series.

A desire for the exceptional extended beyond the real

3000 Alpha NFTs were therefore torn off in 48 hours for an amount of 2.4 million dollars. A validation in the form of a plebiscite for the vision carried by Exclusible.

Original NFTs categorized into four families representing the luxury industry pillars of fashion, beauty, jewelry and watches. Areas highly prized by collectors, illustrated by 4 goddesses. More than simple avatars, real “VIP” membership cards with multiple benefits aimed at uniting an eminently specialized community, and therefore demanding.

Exclusible proposed its first collection
The Alpha collection symbolizes belonging to a community fond of luxury and NFT

“The Alpha collection was a strategic step for Exclusible, the first towards creating real value for our community. It also has many benefits for luxury brands who want to not only start their NFT journey, but also connect with a new audience. This positive feedback loop between brands and the community is our mission. Exclusible is the bridge that allows this relationship to be established and to flourish. »

Olivier Moingeon, Chief Commercial Officer at Exclusible.

This Alpha series represents the first stone of the empire of the senses that Exclusible claims to build. An essential sesame that will entitle you to many exclusives and gifts on the platform. And the distribution has already started since the investors who acquired the 4 goddesses were awarded an exclusive fifth card, Theia, for even more content exceptional.

Didn’t Charles Baudelaire say in his time “There, everything is blockchainized, luxury, code, and NFT”? On the strength of its first esteemed successes, its top-of-the-range support, its many announced partnerships, Exclusible seems moreover destined to become the preferred destination for collectors and luxury brands wishing set foot in the metaverse.

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