Microsoft rocks the metaverse with its Teams app and Xbox console

The stages that punctuate the ongoing evolution of the cryptocurrency universe follow one another at an incredible speed. A few months ago this was almost exclusively about the NFT token market which took center stage. And as a logical consequence, it has just spread to the digital universe of the metaverses. A gaming version outlet for these non-fungible tokens applied to virtual environments. And whose current explosion suggests that they could well become the social networks of tomorrow. With a newly renamed Meta company which is certainly not going to come and say the opposite!

It’s hard to miss the current madness surrounding the metaverse sector. A market for virtual universes still unknown to the general public just a week ago. In any case, before Facebook came to put its grain of social network in mode rebranding strategic. And while his multinational adopts the new name of Meta, it’s a whole collection of cryptocurrencies that takes the direction of the stars. With exceptional increases recorded over the last few days. And attention that could just be the start of something bigger.

Because the current FOMO that has just taken hold of this sector does not only concern (small) crypto investors. Indeed, it is the attention of the entire gaming market and investment funds that has its eyes on these new records. With strange decisions like the Steam platform deciding to turn its back on NFTs and all that they can offer its players. But the giant Microsoft which has just announced at the same time its intention to “metavert” (the purists of the French language will scream) its flagship tools. Like the Teams collaborative communication application or its Xbox console.

Microsoft takes the metaverse turn

No name change for Microsoft in this case. But a recent statement from its current CEO Satya Nadella carried out on Twitter. A publication in which he exposes the company’s desire to be part of the ongoing evolution that allows us to glimpse the universe of metaverses. All this against the backdrop of a booming sector. And who sees arriving at him traditional actors anxious to register there. And record amounts allocated to projects like The Sandbox, which has just raised $93 million to accelerate its development.

The metaverse is here, and it’s not only transforming the way we see the world, but also the way we participate in it – from the factory to the boardroom. – Satya Nadella

An announcement which is accompanied by a short video in which the speakers are transformed into avatars evolving in a virtual environment. Because the Microsoft project does not only concern its Xbox and its video games. There is also talk of crossing the border of the metaverse for its social application called Teams. Because it seems that the NFTs sector applied to these virtual universes is envisaged as the future of social networks, whether public or corporate.

The metaverse allows us to integrate computing into the real world and to integrate the real world into computing. Bring real presence to any digital space. What is most important is that we are able to bring our humanity with us. And to choose how we want to live this world. – Satva Nadella

An upgrade planned for 2022

The biggest project of this virtual transition nevertheless seems to concern the Teams application. And it will take effect with an upgrade called “Mesh” which is scheduled for initial deployment in 2022. With as specific advances the possibility of providing personalized avatars to its users. But also virtual digital spaces to allow them to meet. And the important objective of being “accessible from any device, without the need for special equipment. ” With term a functionality which will be widened with the meetings of companies and a will presented like a tool of the type ” social mixer. »

A change that also affects video games and Microsoft’s Xbox console. But this in a more modest (or kept secret) proportion, since Satva Nadella affirms that the metaverse is already present there with multiple variations. Question of perspective…

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If you take Halo as a game, it’s a metaverse. Minecraft is a metaverse, just like Flight Sim. In a sense they are 2D today and the question is can you now bring that into a fully 3D world. And we absolutely plan to do so. – Satva Nadella

Anyway, here is an announcement that is sure to bring profits to the mills of certain cryptocurrencies. With a metaverse sector that is still at the beginning of the opportunities it can allow to develop in many areas. And just like for NFT tokens, with the only current limit being the imagination and ambitions of the players who will consider signing up for it. Which no longer seems to be limited to the crypto area which has previously carried its development in complete privacy.

This article is about cryptocurrency news. It is not financial investment advice. Any position must be accompanied by personal research and requires cross-referencing several sources before launching. DYOR!

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