Play and earn money with play-to-earn crypto games?

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After the metaverse, the NFTs, here is a new fashionable English crypto acronym: “play-to-earn” games! Behind this name are actually hidden crypto applications that allow you to earn money by playing! With such a philosophy, it is not surprising that they are very successful! But what exactly is a crypto play-to-earn game?

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​What are play-to-earn crypto games?

Play-to-earn is an online game that brings together blockchain, NFT and metaverse.

​Play-to-earn, what is it?

Unlike classic video games, play-to-earn uses blockchain technology. The principle is often the same. By purchasing native in-game tokens, players have the ability to acquire characters, land, creatures and develop them.

Play-to-earn applications fall into the category of so-called “ GameFi “. As with DeFi, most play-to-earn applications run on the Ethereum blockchain today.

​How does a crypto play-to-earn game work?

Each play-to-earn game platform has a token (or token) that allows it to operate. To enter the game, players must purchase these tokens. Play-to-earn allows you to earn money in several ways such as:

  • the Game. As the game progresses, players earn additional tokens. They can keep these tokens, sell them or trade them.
  • The price changes of the token. Players can see their capital increase when the price of the token increases. With this feature, we understand that a play-to-earn is not only for players but also for investors.
  • the staking. By locking up certain NFTs or tokens over a period of time, players can earn rewards that are similar to “interest” in the traditional banking system.

In their presentation, play-to-earn applications are attractive because they promise to make money while having fun. However, behind the fun label, it must be understood that it is neither more nor less than a game of money which therefore involves risks.

​Some examples of crypto play-to-earn applications

To better understand what play-to-earn is, let’s take some examples. Discover below some of the best known crypto games today.

​Axie Infinity (AXS)

If there’s one play-to-earn game to know right now, it’s Axie Infinity! The principle of the game is similar to that of Pokemon. Indeed, in Axie Infinity, players buy creatures called “Axies”. The goal is then to progress these creatures and to fight with the Axies of other players.

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Each Axie is an NFT and must be purchased in Ethereum crypto. The stronger an Axie, the more expensive it is. Some Axies can cost several hundred Ethereum, the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars. To feed an Axie, a player must purchase food in the form of a token, the Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

The Axie Infinity game token is the AXS token, graded 41th world in terms of capitalization.

​The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is a play-to-earn that uses the metaverse. By purchasing SAND tokens, you can acquire territories and property. In principle, The Sandbox is often likened to Minecraft or Roblox.

The token for The Sandbox game is the SAND token, graded 35th world in terms of capitalization.

​CryptoBlades (SKILL)

Unlike many other apps, CryptoBlades does not run on the Ethereum blockchain but on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn where players create characters by purchasing the SKILL token. In a classic way, the characters can compete with each other and progress.

The native token of the CryptoBlades platform is the SKILL token. At the time of writing, the game’s capitalization is $5.3 million, which ranks it at 1219th world rank.

​Illuvia (ILV)

With Illuvium, players collect creatures called “illuvials”. The profile of each creature in terms of strengths and weaknesses is characterized by a class and an affinity. As with Axie Infinity, the creatures clash with each other. If they emerge victorious from these duels, the players can advance their creature’s profile.

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The game token is the Illuvium token or ILV. At the time of writing, the capitalization of the ILV token is $430 million which ranks it at 140th world rank.

​MyneighborAlice (ALICE)

MyneighborAlice is a game that will transport you to the world of the campaign! This game allows you toacquire plots of land by buying Alice tokens. Breeding animals, fishing, building infrastructure… each player is responsible for caring for and developing their land.

The token of the game is the ALICE token. At the time of writing, the capitalization of the ALICE token is $260 million, which ranks it at 186th world rank.

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