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While the governments of many countries are playing the perverted game of “Who will print the most tickets?” to delay a global financial crisis that seems increasingly inevitable, many citizens are worried about their purchasing power, which is melting like snow in the sun. Saving okay, but how? Certainly not in a booklet A whose annual rate of remuneration of 0.5% makes more laugh than it makes you want. So what to choose? Shares? Life insurance? The solution may be in the change of matrix. What if we saved… thanks to cryptocurrencies?

One of Summit Mining’s mining farms in China / Photo: Mathieu Vincent

If you follow the news minimally, you are aware that more and more big institutional players and NASDAQ companies are interested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, in particular to protect themselves from the threat of inflation. The most recent and resounding news being the announcement of the online payments giant PayPal which announced on October 21 that it will soon allow its customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin directly. We’re talking about 346 million active accounts that will soon potentially be one click away from cryptos, that’s just huge!

Thanks to this kind of news, Bitcoin and altcoins are emerging from secrecy and finally becoming popular, even desirable. Cryptocurrencies are here for a long time and to generate cryptos, you have to mine them! Once you have that in mind, investing in cryptocurrency mining really makes sense.

Summit Mining invents community mining

What if you invest in cryptocurrencies through mining? No need to go play online traders and have to manage a portfolio on a daily basis, praying every day for your portfolio to be in the green. Crypto mining is very profitable, but on condition that it is not carried out by individuals alone.

One of Summit Mining’s mining farms / Photo: Mathieu Vincent

Unlike its competitors, Summit Minning does not sell mining machines, nor does it rent them. No, this young company which attracts all eyes in the industry buys with the funds of its customers and those of other investors the most interesting machines of the moment. She then adds these new machines to the mining park she manages and this is where it gets very interesting: once a month, all the profits generated are shared between the clients, in proportion to their investment. Summit Mining pays itself a percentage of the net amount its clients earn, which obviously incentivizes them to generate the highest profits for them. This “community mining” has two major advantages for the investor: it considerably reduces the risks, while improving the return on investment (ROI).

This notion of community is anything but a marketing argument. Customers are indeed supported throughout the investment process, but also afterwards thanks to a Discord channel in particular, via which they can dialogue with the Summit Mining team which is generous in advice.

“Beyond profit sharing, I deeply believe in sharing knowledge with regard to cryptocurrencies, that has always been my approach, explains Mathieu Vincent, the founder of Summit Mining. The ultimate goal is for each individual to regain full control over their money and be the final decision maker of what they do with their funds. A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin teaches us precisely this notion of monetary sovereignty”.

You can join the public group Discord right now to find out.

Every week, new customers join Summit Mining’s community of more than 500 investors and its mining fleet, which now includes 9,500 machines that mine five cryptocurrencies 24/7 (Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash).

The main advantage of community mining is that everything is shared. Costs are shared, machines are shared, revenues are shared. In addition, the company pools the available funds and only places orders once a month, thus benefiting from prices much more advantageous than anyone and can buy more machines, which is not to displease to its investors who see their potential profits increase.

If the ROI is never guaranteed (and it is an excellent thing that it is not because those who do are simply liars or even crooks), here is nevertheless a summary table over the last two years:

At the beginning of each month, after sending you the mining report, Summit Mining customers are paid with the five coins they have mined. They can then reinvest their funds in the next order, convert them into euros, dollars, etc., or simply keep them in their crypto wallet (wallet) while waiting for a rise in the price of cryptocurrencies.

You should know that if you invest in Summit Mining, you will receive Mining Park Token (MPT). An MPT corresponds to one euro that you have invested. Thus, the sum of all TPMs issued is the sum of all investments. This way, you own a certain stake in the company’s mining park, proportional to the amount you have invested. This amount is then used to calculate the amount you will receive each month.

Once you have made the minimum investment of 2,000 euros (including all fees), you will officially be part of the Summit Mining community and will join the very closed club of the 1% of the population who own cryptocurrencies. A unique investment and a bet on tomorrow!

One of the mining farms in China | Nov. 2019 / Photo: Mathieu Vincent

Cryptocurrency mining: investing in its future

As we mentioned in the preamble, the world of traditional finance is a giant with feet of clay and the global health crisis that we have been experiencing since March 2020 does not help matters. The savings and investment options of yesterday are no longer as attractive as they were a few years ago and the smartest have understood this and are changing their tune. When you see companies like the publicly traded firm Microstrategy diversifying its cash flow by investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin, that’s a sign to watch out for!

The value of the euro and most fiat currencies erodes over time, leaving small savers with expectations and uncertainty. Investing in a technology such as mining in 2020 is no longer the crazy gamble it was five years ago. Today, it’s a thoughtful way to diversify your savings while focusing on the future. Like any investment, it involves risk. However, these risks are largely absorbed by the community structure of Summit Mining, whose legitimacy in the current economic context is becoming increasingly evident.

You only have a few days left to join the Summit Mining Investors Club before the next order. Click here to contact a team member:

You should also know that for Christmas, Summit Mining offers you for 6 months management fees at only 10% instead of 15%, i.e. 33% reduction. To take advantage of it, simply enter the promo code “CRYPTONEWS” when you register. To contact the Summit Mining team and start mining your first cryptocurrencies, it’s here.

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