Rapper JuL launched his NFT collection on the occasion of his new album

Marseille rapper JuL has made a collection of NFTs on the theme of his new album. Each of the winners will have access to exclusive benefits and three of them will receive, for one year, the entire YouTube revenue of the song clip backed by their NFT.

JuL creates its NFT collection

Earlier this month, the rapper July presented a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) going hand in hand with his new album: theExtraterrestrial. This collection includes 23 unique digital cardseach taking the name of one of the titles of the album.

This collection was deployed on the Polygon (MATIC) sidechain and the 23 winners were announced on June 28. Each of these NFTs has common benefits. Namely, 20% discount on the artist’s online store and physical certifications of the album and titles of each NFT, when these are for example classified as gold or platinum.

In addition, YouTube revenue from three-song clips will be paid in full for 12 months to each holder of the corresponding NFT, from the date of issue of the latter.

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A relevant strategy

It would be easy to say that JuL took advantage of the NFT fashion to create a project without added value and yet it is completely the opposite. While other artists before him have created collections without fundamentals, only to generate additional income at the expense of their community, that is not the case here.

Indeed, NFTs were not paying as such. To participate, you had to pre-order the album and use a code present in the pocket, for the draw. For the winners, only the mint fees of the Polygon network are to be paid, a few cents at most.

If an NFT is resold on the secondary market, JuL receives 10% of its sale price. But 50% of this sum in will be donated to UNICEF.

All these elements lead to a well-constructed strategy, for which it is not simply a question of “doing NFT”. In the future, it is certain that more and more artists will also use the technology of non-fungible tokens, to add value to their creations.

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