Realm, the metaverse project not to be missed!

Welcome to the metaverse, a new world at the crossroads between the real world and the virtual world that reinvents the world of gaming. Today we are going to present you the project Realm which is a metaverse where users can explore and create their own universes called “microverses”. Within the Realm metaverse, we find in particular creatures, the Realmies which are NFT 3D that evolve on blockchain technology.

Metropolis, enter the metaverse

Players arrive in the heart of Metropolis, here it is possible to buy plots of land in the metaverse. There are four categories of plots:

  • The first: Plazza has only 8 units
  • The second: Court has 64 units
  • The third: Crescent has 512 units
  • The fourth: Belt has 4096 units

Each player is then free to create Realms, they represent portals to the microverse specific to each user who can exhibit art galleries, present NFT exhibitions, organize events and even develop an e-commerce store. Realm has built-in features that enable a 3D multiplayer experience and realms can be directly integrated into a mobile app or website.

Realmies are 3D NFTs that have the ability to scale. As you evolve in the game, your Realmie will develop specific skills and thus evolve in order to increase its speed, discover rare NFTs and even tokens. $REALM.

Realm, an eco-responsible digital project in the physical world

You know the ravages of deforestation, in a digital game, you tell yourself that you have little chance of contributing to the fight against deforestation, but yet with Realm it is possible. Indeed, within the metaverse Realm it is possible to plant trees in order to feed the Realmies. Each time you plant a tree in the metaverse, $0.1 is donated to the charity Eden Reforestation, which takes care of planting trees in the mangroves.

Focus on Realm tokens

The platform recovers 10% transaction fees on all transactions made on the platform. Of this fee, 0.3% is distributed to users who stake $REALM tokens. For players, it is possible to earn tokens by playing and creating regularly in the metaverse.

From a technical point of view, Realms are standard tokens Ethereum ERC 1155 which includes both ERC721 tokens and ERC 20 tokens. The $REALM tokens are thus ERC 20 and everything related to the environment, art, music etc corresponds to ERC 721 tokens.

Creating Realms has never been easier

In order to facilitate the appropriation of the metaverse by the players, the platform makes it possible to create realms based on templates. In minutes you can place NFTs, art, music in your own microverse.

For artists, they can directly import their creations made on software such as blender or C4D.

Built-in live audio functionality allows live events to be created within a Realm. Participants can listen and participate in a common chat. For those developing an e-commerce Realm, this feature can also be used to offer services and advice to customers.

NFTix, a revenue-generating feature for creators. The NFTix allow you to charge a right to enter your Realm space for an artistic exhibition or an event for example. These NFTix may be offered or sold. They can even be resold between players, which again generates royalties for the creators.

In short: Realm, a metaverse project to follow closely

We find in this very promising project a team and solid partners. Among the partners of the metaverse Realm project are the big names in the booming crypto and NFT gaming market, such as Polygon, Chainlink and the NFT giant OpenSea. The team of around fifteen people behind CEO Matthew Larby has significant experience in the blockchain and video game sector. Note that Realm launched its IDO today on the Polkastarter platform and already has significant traction with a community of nearly 40,000 followers on its Twitter account, 24,000 on Telegram and 11,000 on Discord. At Cointribune, we will follow this Metaverse project closely to keep you informed.

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