Sorare advice to become a good manager

Sorare is the future of fantasy football. Surely you have already collected stickers or football cards when you were younger? Sorare brings together the world of collectible football cards and fantasy football leagues where you can win prizes every week!
Sorare is a fantasy football game that gives the football world the ability to buy, trade and sell NFT football cards through auctions or the market. The value and scores of your cards vary based on player performance. Throughout this article, you will discover how to improve on Sorare.

1. Start playing Sorare for free

When creating your club, Sorare offers you 10 community cards so that you can register and play in competitions. You have to choose a squad of 5 players to make your team. The more a player performs, the more points he collects which allow you to win rewards (sellable and exchangeable).

2. Earn free cards on Sorare every day

Sorare has added a new feature for new subscribers: “Daily Drop”. Each new manager will have the opportunity to win 1 community card for free every 24 hours. This can be very useful for getting started in the game and getting cards quickly.

You can earn limited cards (tradable and sellable) as soon as you start Sorare. To win these cards, you must register in the competitions casual and academy which are free.
If there aren’t many matches in gameweek but most of your players are playing, you’ll have less competition, and therefore more of a chance of earning rewards.

3. Don’t forget the workout

Register your players not registered in other competitions in the training mode. They allow registered players to gain experience and increase their card level. Players with a high level will have a point bonus on their final score. This bonus will allow you to make a difference in free competitions and therefore have a chance of winning a limited card.

4. Join the different competitions

Once you’ve won or bought your first limited cards, you can now enter competitions with more rewards. Sorare has recently added new competitions and plans to release more and more of them: U23, O32, Super Threekly, Threekly, America, Asia, All Star… As a result, there are more and more awards to be had. to win.

5. Build a strong squad

It is more effective to create your squad by trying to have a depth of players to put in the squad. It is better to have 10 good players that you alternate on a single team than to separate them into 2 average teams.
It is always good to have a good substitute (who performs well regularly) in each position (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, striker) in case your “strong” player gets injured, does not play or plays a match difficult where it is likely that it will not score well.

Build your squad on Sorare with top performers

In order to find players for your squad, knowing your budget is essential. Soraredata offers you tools to choose championship players who match your criteria. This allows you to create a “bench” that replaces your squad over time.
When you choose your secondary players, you must try to take players who are starters in their club or who are going to be transferred to a new club (in the covered championship). Even if you don’t play with these cards, they are likely to become more sought after in the game and therefore rarer. You will be able to exchange them to consolidate your workforce according to your needs.

6. Negotiate with other managers

When buying players, you shouldn’t always rely on the listed price. You can contact the seller to ask for a price or make him an exchange offer. This will allow you to collect cards saving some of your budget.

7. Target high performing players in the game

When designing your team, it is not enough to collect reputable players, it is necessary to seek to buy successful players in Sorare like Shoga Taniguchi, the central defender playing in Kawasaki Frontale in the Japanese first division (12th best performance of all defenders and 32nd in the game). It is not because a player does not evolve in the 5 biggest championships that he should not be taken. On the contrary, in the game, it is even relevant to try to design your team by taking players who dominate in less popular championships. To have players who perform on Sorare, you have to look for defenders who attack, midfielders who project themselves and goalkeepers with a good defense. Trick : Do not rely on players with a good score in the last 5 matches. Use tools like Sorare Data to get average scores over the last 15, 40 matches to get a more holistic view of player performance.


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