The Mars4 crypto could explode in 2022!

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Metaverse: The Mars4 crypto could explode in 2022!

It is now possible to buy a piece of the planet Mars. What’s amazing is that each title deed holder will receive passive income in return. Indeed, a percentage of the sales made will be redistributed to the buyers. While Elon MUSK is busy conquering Mars, you have the opportunity to own virtual plots on this planet.

Metaverse and NFT

For those who don’t know, a metaverse is a virtual world that is parallel to our real world. It is therefore a world created from scratch. As an example, we can cite Super Mario Land. However, the difference between Super Mario Land and Mars4 is that Mars4 is registered in the Blockchain, like Décentraland or The Sandbox. If you buy a plot on Mars4, you will benefit in exchange for an NFT. It is a unique title deed, written in the Blockchain. It is therefore tamper-proof.

The Mars4 Project

Mars4 is a metaverse of the planet Mars, that is to say a virtual copy of the planet mars, which can be discovered in 3D. This copy is geographically accurate, since it was created with data from NASA and other space agencies. This virtual world also has a cryptocurrency, called Mars4. The particularity of this metaverse lies in the fact that, each plot purchase gives the buyer a non-fungible token (NFT) which will generate passive income. These revenues will be paid in the Mars4 cryptocurrency.

The virtual planet Mars4 is divided into 99,888 squares of 38km2, of which 52,646 have already been purchased (more than half). You can still position yourself to be the proud owner of one or more virtual plots in this metaverse. To recap, you buy your plot with the Mars4 cryptocurrency. Then you receive an NFT as a pledge of ownership. Finally, this NFT generates rewards for you, if there are transactions, purchases and sales of other parcels.

What is the point of buying virtual planets on Mars4?

By purchasing a virtual planet on Mars4, you benefit from an asset that is unique and rare, an asset that no one can copy, forge or print. Deciding to buy a virtual planet means investing in a sector with a future. You will be able to build houses that you will later resell, in order to potentially generate profits on these real estate transactions. Any plot purchase qualifies you for an NFT which will generate passive income later. You can also play virtual reality games, etc. Several well-known companies are supporting this project. Examples include: illuvium, Quantstamp, Vendetta Capital,, OKEx Blockchain Ventures, Ark Stream Capital.

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