The next bull run? Not before 2026

Since the bloody weekend that saw bitcoin (BTC) sink below the $20,000 support, all influencers have been looking for signs of an upcoming rally. Despite market concerns, many investors still hope for an upturn. The spectrum of a bear market long term seems unacceptable to many. Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance, once again goes against the grain by stating that several dark years are to be expected for the crypto market, even predicting a return to an upward trend in 2026.

  • The gradual collapse of the price of bitcoin (BTC)
  • Binance CEO’s pessimistic prediction
  • Some positive signs for the crypto market

The gradual collapse of the price of bitcoin (BTC)

To understand CZ’s prediction, you have to go back to the evolution of the crypto market since the end of the bull run. During this, bitcoin had reached over $69,000 in November before suffering a series of declines. The causes are obviously multiple. The first is arguably the slowdown in the equity market that has trickled down to the crypto market. But it was probably the Luna crash that accelerated the decline. It has indeed weakened a large number of investors. Many of them have been using Terra’s UST as a safe haven since the start of the downtrend. These investors, however cautious, therefore lost their capital at that time.

However, all these declines had not succumbed to the support of $28,000. We could therefore hope to stay some time in this tidy pending an improvement in the markets. However, the announcement of record inflation in the United States and the Fed’s hike in key rates were the starting point for the latest fall. Bitcoin’s dip below $20,000 was the lowest point in this series of falls so far. Since then, the king of cryptocurrencies has managed to regain its support, even if the market remains fragile.

The pessimistic prediction of Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance

After such a series of falls, all crypto influencers have been looking for signs of recovery. Have we reached the bottom or should we expect a further decline? For the CEO of Binance we are in a favorable period to buy bitcoin, because we often see the question “ Is bitcoin dead? But those who bought bitcoin during these periods have always been winners. Our period is therefore an opportunity for those who want to continue to invest. This does not mean that it is urgent to invest, because Changpeng Zhao also says that we should not wait for a next bull run before several years, even before 2026.

This means that for him the global macroeconomic situation will not allow the next halving of bitcoin in 2024 to trigger a new bull run. We must therefore prepare for a sluggish market for several years. His two statements do not contradict each other. In the long term, those who invest now will be winners, even if we may have other downfalls in the meantime. We must not forget that Changpeng Zhao himself saw his portfolio lose value just after his first investments, proof that patience is often a source of success in this environment.

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Some positive signs for the crypto market

When we look in more detail at the cryptocurrency industry, we can only be amazed by the effervescence which contrasts with the sluggishness of the market and bitcoin. A few weeks after unveiling its new roadmap, the BNB Chain has just made a first upgrade this week. This is a prelude to a series of new features including the introduction of sidechains dedicated to specific projects. On the Ethereum side, we are still waiting for a date for The Merge update. After several years of waiting, it now seems very close. As for Cardano (ADA), this other central network of the blockchain ecosystem, it is also in full development.

The Vasil update is delayed, but those delays seem to be part of the DNA. Even if this is a source of criticism, it is proof for his community that Charles Hoskinson’s team does not forget any detail. She prefers to take her time to deliver the most efficient product possible. All these examples show that the development of projects is still just as dynamic. It may be the occasion for an uptrend for some of these cryptocurrencies.

Even without trying to read the future, it is tempting to detect certain trends in the evolution of the market. After passing below the supports of 20,000 dollars, we can therefore wonder if we have finally found a bottom, whether bitcoin will go down further or whether an upward recovery can be expected in the short term. The CEO of Binance is still confident in the future of cryptocurrencies. For him, bitcoin will find a price much higher than the current price. But it may take many years for that. In the meantime, the ecosystems will have time to build themselves to reach maturity.

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