This Sexy New Ice Cream Dance Is All Right About Fortnite

In Fortnite, there’s a character that’s more or less a human-sized ice cream cone with arms, legs, and, on top of everything else, a face. And this week, to kick off Fortnite’s No Sweat Summer event, he released a suggestive hip-hop song and dance about eating ice cream that had everyone in the metaverse losing their minds in a way. or another. No one is neutral here. People either love the new song in the sensible Lil Whip ice cream cone universe or they find it deeply awful.

To me, the new emote matching Lil Whip’s hip-hop track Drippin’ Flavor is a masterpiece of both song and dance. But more important than that, it’s a distillation of what gave Fortnite its staying power: that willingness to try hard to be extremely dumb.

It’s one of those things you have to see for yourself, so if you haven’t seen this beautiful abomination yet, you should take a moment to watch at least part of this little music video that the one of Epic’s content-creating partners has put Fortnite’s No Sweat Summer event at the start.

Just so we all know what we’re dealing with here, here are the lyrics to that part of the song: “MMMMMMM/ Lil Whip, Lil Whip Lil Whip/ MMMMMMM/ Take your pick/ Take a lick/ Just like this/ MMMMM / Whip it/ Lil Whippin’ in your cup/ MMMMMMM/ Lil Whippin’/ Drippin’ flavor/ That’s what happens.

Remember, it’s a song about ice cream, so it’s not sexual! It’s just like it – you can’t mention licking stuff in a song if you want to avoid that vibe – and that’s a big part of what sparked the legions of haters when we got first heard of the song.

Someone new here might look at this Lil Whip situation and see some sort of failure. After all, when the emote leaked Sunday night/Monday morning, the response from the Fortnite community was almost universally disgusted. It’s easy to see why: the vocals squealed and the lyrics sounded oddly sexual for a song that’s just about eating ice cream — Epic may have let things get out of hand with all that “MMMMMMMM.” And the dance certainly includes some of those pelvic movements that freaked people out half a century ago.

But it’s not a failure. Not even remotely. Drippin’ Flavor is a fun song, and the dance owns it entirely. I’ve used this thing as my Victory Royale celebration a few times, and I don’t think I’ll be using any others for my taunts any time soon. I stood in a crowded Party Royale bathroom doing this ice cream sex dance with a horde of randoms, and it was gorgeous.

Even Ariana Grande and Alien’s Xenomorph are getting into the Lil Whip craze.

But what really makes it work is what has made Fortnite work since Epic introduced the battle royale mode: just the pure gall of this shit. This emote is outrageous. A song about eating ice cream that has weird sexual overtones, written and performed by an ice cream man, and I can make Thanos and Darth Vader and Superman and Robocop and Ariana Grande do the suggestive dance that goes with it ? It’s squarely in the box of things I want from Fortnite, delivered at a legitimately high quality. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt that way by an entertainment product that wasn’t directed by Michael Bay.

I’m a simple guy, you know? I didn’t become a Fortnite guy because I like battle royales or because I thought it was an exceptionally fun game. No, I became a Fortnite guy because I could make Will Smith’s character from the Bad Boys movies do the Gangnam Style dance. Hundreds of dollars in microtransactions and a year of “getting good” later, I’m still really just that idiot who wants to make my digital doll do a stupid dance. I play Fortnite for the memes.

And it’s as memorable as it gets, even in Fortnite. Lil Whip also exists as a non-player character in the world of Fortnite that you can interact with during battle royale matches. When you find him, this guy even has some weirdly suggestive dialogue that might come up, such as, “If you don’t want him in a cone, I can squirt him in a loose paper bag.” It’s not dirty at all, but it’s safe sound As he is.

I can’t get enough. Over the next week, I’ll probably be using this Drippin’ flavor twice as much as all my other emotes combined (that’s probably a conservative estimate, since I don’t even want to use the others yet). It will stay on my locker wheel maybe forever.

This song is a bop, and the dance reigns, and the whole thing is divisive in ways that don’t matter. Looks like Lil Whip’s Drippin’ Flavor is the song of the summer.

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