TOP 6 – What are the best crypto trading platforms in France? Discover our selection –

In this article we offer you a selection of fully secure, reliable and economical crypto trading platforms. Take a look at the platforms that we believe are the best for trading cryptocurrency in 2022:

Binance is the most popular trading platform across the world. It weighs 70% of the global crypto market according to this article from the newspaper Les Echos. On this platform, you have the possibility to buy and sell more than 150 cryptocurrencies. On Binance, you can not only invest in cryptocurrencies but also in NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi) futures and more. Binance has become extremely popular for its website but also for its attractively designed app, designed to be intuitive. It is an application that can become very addictive. There is a bit of a gamer spirit there and you have the opportunity to invest in the launch of crypto-based video games.

BitiQ is a platform based on a particular model: it allows you to be put in touch with a professional broker who will be at your side to invest. These professionals support both novice traders and experienced traders. If we have chosen to put BitiQ in first place in our ranking, it is because, according to our tests and the many feedbacks we have obtained, the brokers with whom you will be put in contact are all certified professionals of high level, with great pedagogy and a great knowledge of the cryptocurrency sector. You also benefit from BitiQ customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is very responsive and attentive to your problems or questions.

Coinbase is the other cryptocurrency trading giant along with Binance. It is a platform intended for the general public, safe, efficient and easy to use. It brings together a large community of traders from all walks of life. There are aspiring young traders and more seasoned traders from all over the world, with traders registered in over 100 different countries. Coinbase has a community of over 73 million members.

You live in France ? The best solution may be to use a platform in your country. This can facilitate your administrative procedures thanks to the help of a French-speaking team to accompany you. You can also make this choice out of economic patriotism by choosing to use a French platform. All of these reasons are good. But beyond being a French platform, Coinhouse is also a European and global platform that offers an extremely competitive offer. In addition, to help you invest better, Coinhouse offers you a selection of 30 crypto assets considered promising.

Just Mining is also a French platform and therefore has the same advantages as Coinhouse. For the reasons we have discussed, using a French company can be a good idea if you live in France or are French. The difference with Just Mining is that this platform offers a very wide variety of investments, since beyond classic crypto currencies, you also have the possibility of investing in investments such as “staking”, ” neighbors” or “masternodes”. These investments may seem complicated at first, but if you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, the creator, Owen Simonin, hosts a Youtube channel of crypto popularization that we recommend to you.

eToro is a great platform if you want to make trading a social experience. eToro is a bit like the social network for crypto-currency trading. You have the possibility to comment and read the comments of other members of the community on trading news. eToro also offers to be able to consult the portfolio of other traders in order to be able to draw inspiration from it. The Copy Portfolios available on the platform also allow users to instantly copy and paste other traders’ crypto portfolios. This allows traders who do not yet know exactly what to invest in or who do not have the time to take a deep interest in the subject to still be able to invest in this booming sector that is the cryptocurrency sector, somehow making other traders work for them.

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