Two cryptos to win big (and it’s not Bitcoin…)!

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Do you want to invest in cryptocurrencies? Of course you have heard of Bitcoin! But cryptocurrency is not just about Bitcoin. Simply put, the opportunities can be plentiful for those who take the time to study the crypto landscape. Precisely, a financial entrepreneur has just given the name of 2 cryptos to bet on… and Bitcoin is not one of them!

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​Is it too late to buy Bitcoin or not?

Bill Baruch is the president of Blue Line Capital. Blue Line Capital is based in New York. This is a company that offers financing solutions for businesses. Seeing the price of Bitcoin return to lows around $32,000 in the summer, Bill Baruch thought to strengthen his positions in Bitcoin. The goal for him was to buy back Bitcoin if its price approached $20,000. Unfortunately for him (luckily for many others), that didn’t happen!

Does this make you think about your situation? You may not have bet money on bitcoin this summer. On the other hand, each time you look at the price of Bitcoin, do you regret not having bought it before?

With a price around $55,000, it is true that Bitcoin is not as “affordable” as it used to be. Without putting the knife in the wound, you should know that two years ago, at the same time, the price of Bitcoin was “only” $8,300. We spare you the torture of the course of Bitcoin 4 years ago or more…

With such a progression, it is not surprising to know that many people have become rich on the “back” of Bitcoin. If luck has a good “back”, these people have above all shown good opportunism. In crypto as in many fields, everything is one question of timing.

Precisely, are there currently other opportunities? Bill Baruch did “research to find where to invest his money in crypto (other than Bitcoin)”. Did Bill Baruch find any good crypto deals? The answer is yes ! Two cryptos caught his attention!

​Solana and Algorand: a Bitcoin-like destiny?

For Bill Baruch, two cryptos stand out at the moment. He decided to put his money on cryptos Solana (SOL) and Algorand (ALGO).

​Crypto Solana: A Rival to Ethereum

Does the Solana speak to you? This crypto is starting to get a lot of attention. To put it simply, a crypto Solana therefore falls into the category known as “ ethereum killers like Cardano for example. Although relatively new, the Solana already has a lot going for it.

For example, the Solana very quickly understood the potential of NFTs and already has important projects. Another major anticipation, the Solana crypto sensed the need that blockchains will have in the near future to communicate with each other. Thus, the Solana develops footbridges (Wormhole) which allow it to work with other blockchains like that of Terra (LUNA) or the Binance Smart Chain.

Another argument, the Solana network shows very good performance in terms of transaction management. Officially, the Solana can process up to 700,000 transactions per second (TPS). For comparison, this is much more than Ethereum and its 15 to 45 TPS at present.

With such equipment, it is not surprising to promise a bright future for the Solana. But be careful, you will have to act quickly because the course of Solana is already on fire. With a current price of $156, the Solana is up 300% over the last 30 days !

Currently, the Solana has broken through to the 7th rank among global cryptos in terms of market capitalization. When it hit the market, the Solana crypto traded for less than a dollar! Admittedly, the bull run has been there, but its course remains still very undervalued.

​Crypto Algorand: Long live the Savador!

The crypto Algorand (ALGO) is even less known than the Solana. In fact, it is a rather recent crypto, released in June 2019. Why is this crypto interesting? In fact, as Bill Baruch says, the Algorand crypto is reminiscent of the Solana “two or three years ago”. Concretely, for him, this crypto will experience the same fate as the Solana. The fundamental difference is that it has not exploded yet.

But why be rave about this crypto? As you probably know, El Salvador has made Bitcoin its second official currency along with US dollars. In addition to using Bitcoin, the country is implementing all blockchain infrastructure. This will eventually be used to manage various activities such as property registers, for example. For it, El Salvador has chosen to use Algorand. Other Latin American countries that are on the verge of “blockchaining” also plan to use Algorand.

As mentioned above, the Algorand crypto has not yet exploded and therefore remains very affordable. However, it shows signs of a bull run to come. Its current price is $1.87. He is up more than 120% over the last 60 days and 104% over the last 90 days.

Let it be said, the Bitcoin opportunity has not completely passed. Moreover, many agree that the price of Bitcoin should increase by the end of the year. You are rather in the idea of bet on “the next Bitcoin” ? Do your research and study the market! The Solana and the Algorand are two possibilities…


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