Why Bitcoin Price Should Rise in a Few Days

The price of Bitcoin is always watched closely. It gives a strong trend on that of other cryptos and on the good health of the crypto market. The price of Bitcoin mainly depends on the law of supply and demand. However, certain events make it possible to stimulate demand for Bitcoin and to drive its price up. Precisely, a major event will take place next week and could well impact the price of Bitcoin. But what are we talking about?

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The 2022 Bitcoin Conference in Miami April 6-9

The annual Bitcoin conference will be held from April 6 to 9, 2022 in Miami in the USA. Specifically, it will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The choice of the city serves as a reminder that the mayor of Miami is a big supporter of Bitcoin. He was also present at the Bitcoin conference in 2021.

The organizers did not skimp on resources since the Miami Convention Center can accommodate up to 100,000 people! In theory, the organizers expect approximately 35,000 attendees. In 2021, the event brought together more than 12,000 people.

The Annual Bitcoin Conference is the Bitcoin event not to be missed. It brings together some luminaries in the field as well as personalities who revolve around Bitcoin. In 2021, for example, the event brought together:

  • Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter and CEO of Block;
  • Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy (company that has invested the most in Bitcoin);
  • Cynthia Lummis, US Senator.

If the 2021 vintage was high-flying, what about the 2022?

​The personalities present at the Bitcoin 2022 conference

In 2022, the presence of the following personalities has been confirmed at the conference:

  • Ricardo Benjamin Salinas Pliegocreator and CEO of the Salinas Group;
  • Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador;
  • Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal;
  • Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy (the company that has invested the most in Bitcoin);
  • Jack Mallers, CEO and Founder of Stirke;
  • Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs;
  • Cynthia LummisUS Senator;
  • Cathie Wood, Founder and CEO of Ark;
  • Kevin O’Leary, Venture Capitalist and ABD Shark Tank;
  • Mike Novogratzfounder and CEO of Galaxy Capital.

If you follow crypto news, you have surely heard all these names before. Indeed, they are known and recognized personalities in the cryptosphere.

With such a program and such guests, it is difficult not to envisage that the price of Bitcoin will remain stable next week. Moreover, if we remember correctly, in his New Year’s greetings, the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele had predicted that an important announcement would be made during this conference…

​Bitcoin Conference 2022 Schedule

The program is available on the bitcoin conference website. Many announcements are scheduled according to the agenda. Below are some of the topics covered during the conference.

​Wednesday 6 April

  • Bitcoin: An institutional asset;
  • Mining strategies;
  • From PCs to ASICs: The Evolution of Bitcoin Mining;
  • An update on the ASIC market;
  • How US Legislation May Impact Bitcoin (and You);
  • Define Taproot and Multisig standards;
  • The Bitcoin mining financing system;
  • Invest in the Bitcoin ecosystem;
  • Protect against bitcoin attacks;
  • The global adoption of Bitcoin.

​Thursday, April 7

  • Lightning Network Report;
  • Become a sovereign individual;
  • Options and derivatives;
  • Decentralized Bitcoin exchanges (DEX);
  • Bitcoin governance: users, developers and miners;
  • Make Bitcoin a legal asset;
  • Is fiat money worth it?
  • The geopolitical risks of Bitcoin mining;
  • The development of Bitcoin in El Salvador: the implementation of Lightning;
  • How to further decentralize the hashrate? ;
  • Bitcoin means freedom.

​Friday 8 April

  • You are the carbon they want to reduce;
  • Bitcoin mining with renewable energies;
  • Building Bitcoin communities;
  • Institutional infrastructure;
  • “Hardware” wallets. secure bitcoin storage;
  • Bitcoin Annual Report;
  • The US Constitution and Bitcoin;
  • Mobile wallets: Bitcoin in every pocket.

Will the conference lead to major announcements? Will the price of Bitcoin increase next week in anticipation of the conference and after it? One thing is certain, the week promises to be busy on the Bitcoin side!

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